ALWAYS TAN uses "Reflector Lamp Technology" for the best tanning results. Reflector lamps have a "Chrome" reflector built into the rear of the lamp to ensure that all light is directed straight to the customer. All rooms are clean, private, and supplied with headphones and fans.
52 Lamp High Power Bed with 4 Facials, shoulder lamps and side panel

Our Base Beds include 38 - 40 lamps. The 38 lamp beds offer 3 facial tanners, the largest base beds in the area!

Our Pryzma gold custom, by "SonnenBraune", offers 44 high output VHR lamps, 4 facial tanners, and fans at both head and foot for extra comfort.

Our "Klassik" Stand-Up offers 56 High-output VHR lamps, and a powerful fan overhead for optimal cooling.


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